We’ve been
around the block a few times.

Family matters.

For us, these two words are fundamental to the way we think and act. Jack Gringlas laid the foundations and it continues today, where family members work alongside colleagues and friends with integrity, transparency and honesty – above all else.

Business matters too. Our values inform our day-to-day behaviour as well as our broader actions. We’re big on little things done extremely well, like showing up, having easy access to directors/ decision-makers and simply being ‘present’ when we’re needed. Together, these create a work ethic that is four decades strong and every bit as passionate as the day Jack founded the business.

Our clients are the big winners. They enjoy being associated with a respected and prominent name in property, and benefit from our genuine values. It’s why we have a good standing in the community, and why we are so proud of the Gringlas surname.